Canning Jars - Customized

Canning jars were most often made of glass from makers such as Ball,  Kerr,  Atlas and others.  Made in quart,  half gallon and gallon sizes,  stoneware canning jars were made by several of the larger pottery companies across the US starting around 1900.  W.A. Painter Pottery Works quart sized Canning Jars are reminiscent of these early food storage containers and can be personalized with your company logo,  club or special community event.  Each stoneware canning jar comes with a vintage zinc screw on lid and new rubber gasket.  Use to store dry goods only.  Not intended for canning purposes.
    • Size: 7”H x 4 1/2”W
    • One Quart
    • Colors: Blue Sponged,  Solid White


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