Mini Jugs - Customized

Mini jugs were a popular size and form for providing samples,  generally around 2oz of liquid.  Advertising primarily was for liquor but mineral water and vinegar were also sampled from these containers.  Masonic and Fraternal organizations also used stoneware miniature jugs to advertise their functions.  Holiday advertising was also used,  as examples can be found today with “Christmas Cheer” and “Merry Christmas” advertising placed on them. 

W.A. Painter Pottery Works mini jugs come in several styles and colors.  Pictured are fancy mini jugs with rounded tops,  shoulder jugs,  wide mouth jugs and jug banks.  Today,  customers order our custom logo mini jugs for weddings,  family reunions,  and small town celebrations.  Mini jugs are one of the most popular advertising pieces we make and they can be ordered with your current business name or event.

  • Size 2 1/2”H to 4 1/2”H
  • Colors: Brown over White,  Blue Sponged,  Solid White


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