Garden Frog


When I was a kid growing up,  my parents had a lake house at Tanglewood Lake,  about an hour south of Kansas City.  A family of frogs lived in a hollowed out oak tree to the side of the house.  Every weekend when we arrived,  I would run to the tree and the family of frogs would come out to see me.  For about three years,  frogs lived in the base of that tree.  I never forgot about them,  even after our lake house was sold.  It’s been years ago and the tree is gone now,  but the memory prompted us to create a great stoneware frog for the garden. 

Made of stoneware clay,  the W.A. Painter Pottery Works Garden Frog sits at the edge of your garden protecting garden plants from harmful insects.  They also look great in landscaping around your house and make a neat doorstop.  Frogs can also be personalized with your name.

  • Size: 4”H x 6”W
  • Colors: Brown,  Blue Sponged,  Straw Yellow