Toad House


Inspiration for the W.A. Painter Pottery Works textured stoneware Toad House comes from our love of these small creatures.  King toad sits atop his bark textured home providing sanctuary for his guests!  Frogs are an important part of our ecosystem as they eat insects and other harmful garden pests that destroy garden plants.  Frogs crawl under the small cutout in the base and make their home here.  Set them in and around your garden and you will have residents in no time!  Toad Houses are fully textured and embellished with cut limbs,  clusters of flowers,  and small frogs perching around the sides of the house.  They are created one at a time so each Toad House is slightly different.

Please allow 4 weeks from the time your order is placed to receive your Toad House.

  • Size: 9”H x 8”W   
  • Color: Straw Yellow / Brown