Bottle Birdhouse

Made of stoneware clay and finished in matte brown,  W.A. Painter Pottery Works stoneware Bottle Birdhouses offer a unique bottle shape for nesting birds.  It’s hand textured surface with cut limbs is attractive to our feathered friends in their environment.  The access hole in the front measures 1 1/2”.  The bulbous part is the nesting area near the back of the house.  Birds have a perch to land on before entering their home. 

It is designed to be mounted to a wall under the cover of an eve or porch but can also be mounted to a post.  Carolina Wrens,  bluebirds and other birds requiring a 1 1 /2” hole size will nest in the bottle birdhouse.

  • Size 6”H x 9 1/2”W
  • Color: Matte Brown
  • Hole Size: 1 1/2”
  • Hardware for mounting including steel & rubber washer and lag screw