Cookie Jars - Customized

Walk into a country store of long ago and you are sure to have seen one of these sitting on the counter over by the register full of pickles,  olives,  or even vinegar or cider.  Stoneware barrels were commonplace back then as a counter dispenser for a number of products.  Today,  these barrels are very popular as cookie jars and are available with your custom logo design on the front.  Perhaps your family name and “Cookies” will bring that special touch to your kitchen.  W.A. Painter Pottery Works Cookie Jars measure 9” tall and 8” wide.  They have a matching lid according to the color variation purchased.  Cookie Jars are an exception to the minimum order requirements of our custom stoneware and may be ordered individually.
    • Size: 9”H x 8”W
    • Colors: White / Blue Striped,  Blue Sponged,  Blue / Rust Sponged
    • Stenciling: Blue on all jars


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