Wren House, Full Bark Texture

With hand carved texture and knotty limbs,  W.A. Painter Pottery Works Wren Houses make perfect homes for our feathered friends!  They are glazed in a matte brown finish and have a 1 1/8” hole, which is appropriate for House Wrens and other small nesting birds requiring a hole this size.  

The warm tan color of the clay shows through,  achieving the classic look of early brushware.  It is recommended that you clean your Wren House out after each season and this is made easy with a removable disc on the bottom.  A hanger on top of the house makes it easy to hang your new Wren House.  Wren Houses are available in two options, a tile roof with bark texture or full bark texture. The full bark version is shown here.

  • Size:  8”H x 8 1/2”W
  • Color: Matte Brown
  • Hole Size: 1 1/8"
  • Hardware Included: Hook loop for hanging and removable disc and stainless tab for clean-out.